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Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

Global Island Partnership Events @ UNFCCC COP 23

Bonn, Germany, 6 to 17 November 2017 #IslandResilience

Led by the Presidents of Palau and Seychelles, Prime Minister of Grenada and Premier of the British Virgin Islands, the Global Island Partnership will work together with its members, friends and supporters to showcase island leaders and their solutions united in strong partnerships at the forefront of the movement in building island resilience. Objectives include:

  • Demonstrate the leadership of islands in building resilience including in adaptation, nature based solutions, preparedness for extreme events, early warning systems, women’s empowerment, partnerships and mobilizing and leveraging resources to support action
  • Launch and mobilise new initiatives and commitments for island resilience and accelerate implementation of existing island commitments by highlighting their progress
  • Continue to build a movement of people willing to take action to build island resilience including engaging new members in GLISPA.
  • Strengthen ability of GLISPA Community (Members and Friends) to know what each other are doing and to work together on increase impact of GLISPA and each individual member.

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Frontline Cities and Islands Talanoa Exchange
Date: Saturday 11 Nov, 12:00-13:00          Venue: Fiji Side Event Pavilion, Bonn Zone
Hosts: Palau and Seychelles with the Mayors of Nadi or Suva (tbc), Mayor of Cozumel (Mexico) and Deputy Premier of the British Virgin Islands (tbc)
Supporters: Global Island Partnership and ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability with support from the European Commission and Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity

Islands are at the frontline of climate change. Driven by determination and necessity to protect their way of life and for some their very existence, islands are also at the frontline in spearheading integrated solutions to resilient and sustainable development. Island towns and urban areas are rapidly growing and the natural capital, particularly healthy coasts and oceans, upon which they depend are increasingly threatened. As these urban areas rapidly grow, they need to ensure this growth does not exacerbate their vulnerabilities. Resilience building in island towns and cities is critical and at the same time, some of these islands are part of major economies who are moving to take action on climate change. With this in mind, the Global Island Partnership and ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability have joined forces to support cities and islands take bold action. This event will bring together mayors and champions from islands and also from cities that have been working on sustainability including GLISPA members such as Cozumel (Mexico) and those engaged in ICLEI like Malmö (Sweden) and Bonn (Germany) in small group discussions to amplify the importance of sustainable urbanization in building resilience across islands and lay the groundwork for targeted action. It is an opportunity for all session participants to join interactive dialogues to share innovative solutions and examples of what is working in urban and island resilience and explore creative funding mechanisms.

GLISPA Members Meeting
Date: Sunday 12 Nov
Members Meeting: 16:00-18:00          Venue: Forest Stewardship Council International Conference Room, Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 5, 53113 Bonn
Members Mixer (social drinks): 18:00-20:00, Venue: TBC (at own cost)
Host: Representatives of the GLISPA Leaders and Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

This event will convene the Global Island Partnership members and friends to share their goals and priorities at COP 23. This meeting will help to strengthen the ability of GLISPA Community to know what each other are doing and to work together on these goals. The members meeting will be followed by informal drinks and networking at own cost. Islanders and those interested in learning more about how to engage in the Global Island Partnership are welcome to attend. Thank you to the Forest Stewardship Council International for the venue.

Frontline Cities and Islands Focus on SDG 11
Date: Monday 13 Nov, 15:00-16:30           Venue: Cities and Regions Pavilion, Bonn Zone
Supporters: ICLEI Local Governments of Sustainability and Global Island Partnership

More information coming soon.

Building upon traditional culture, Pacific Islands take the lead in Sustainable sea transportation
Date: Tues 14 Nov, 18:30-20:00            Venue: Meeting Room 4 (101 theatre)
Supporters: Republic of Palau, Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, Global Island Partnership

Republic of Palau and Okeanos Foundation join forces to develop Pacific region sustainable sea transportation network. Building upon traditional knowledge, Pacific islands embrace modernized sailing canoes using only native renewable energies and provide model for global coastal communities.

Building Island and Community Resilience
Date: Tues 14 November, 16:30 to 18:00          Venue: UNDP Pavilion, Bonn Zone
Host: H.E. Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., President of Palau and Leader of GLISPA 
Supporters: This event is coordinated by the GEF Small Grants Programme implemented by UNDP, Global Island Partnership, Pacific Island Development Forum with support from the European Commission and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

The event will demonstrate how community-based initiatives, solution scaling, reporting and project and finance pipeline development are contributing to implementation of national and global sustainability goals through strong public-private partnerships for islands, oceans and the planet to survive and thrive.

Fishing for Resilience: the importance of Oceans for coastal communities for climate change, conservation and livelihoods
Date: 15 November, 15:00-16:00          Venue: German Pavilion, Bonn Zone
Supporters: Rare, IUCN, GLISPA, FAO, BMUB

The ocean is a major climate change buffer and the single biggest carbon sink on Earth. Coastal, often fisheries dependent, communities are the most vulnerable and need nature-based solutions to adapt to climate change and build long-term resilience. As such, protecting climate by protecting the ocean and its vital functions has been recognized in the Paris Agreement. A number of NDCs call for the development of climate and disaster-resilient ecosystem(s) and the enhancement of climate and disaster-resilience, also in key sectors such as fisheries. The successful implementation of NDCs will depend significantly on locally-led changes in behaviors and practices such as management of natural resources. The event will highlight existing bright spots to empower coastal communities to increase their capacity and access the resources needed to respond to the adverse consequences of climate change while fostering sustainable development as called for in the Oceans-related SDGs.

Leaders in Island Resilience: GLISPA High Level Reception
Date: Wednesday 15 November , 19:00-22:00       Venue: Strictly Invitation Only
Hosts: President of Palau with Leaders of Seychelles, Grenada and British Virgin Islands
Supporters: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety - BMUB, Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems (CREWS) and World Meteorological Organisation, European Commission, Global Island Partnership, Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea, The Nature Conservancy, Rare and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

This dynamic high level reception will showcase island leaders and their solutions united in strong partnerships at the forefront of the movement in building island resilience. It will demonstrate the leadership of islands in building resilience including integrated approaches to: climate adaptation, preparedness for extreme events and early warning systems as well as women’s empowerment.

Mountains and Islands: Coalition for vulnerable ecosystems
Date: Thurs 16 Nov, 18:30-20:00          Venue: TBC
Supporters: FAO, Mountain Partnership, GLISPA

The Mountain Partnership and the Global Island Partnership are alliances that address the effects of climate change on vulnerable ecosystems. We will explore issues related to climate change adaptation and management, share experiences and lessons learned, and build synergies among the partnerships.

To learn more about GLISPA Member and Friend events, please download the GLISPA @ COP23 Event Summary

Thank you to the generous and dedicated support of our Global Island Partnership Members and Friends in coordinating these events.