Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

Kate Brown

Executive Director, Global Island Partnership

Kate Brown is the Executive Director of the Global Island Partnership, a platform that enables island leaders and their supporters to take action to build resilient and sustainable island communities. Kate is a passionate advocate for islands. She is a valued and trusted international partnership and collaboration leader, with a unique ability to connect dots for issues and people. Kate has extensive experience in all island regions globally, and brings an extensive network of island leaders, blue sky thinkers and people dedicated to supporting islands.

Kate has experience working inside government, non-profits and intergovernmentally as well as a keen sense of the most important elements of the international policy setting space relevant to islands as well as what is needed for implementation to happen. A strategic thinker who is able to present clear ideas and set up the right conditions for collaboration to thrive. Kate is originally from New Zealand and lived for eight years in Apia, Samoa. Kate now resides in Washington DC with her family.

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Jessica Robbins

Operations & Partnerships Manager, Global Island Partnership

Jessica is dedicated to working with island leaders and their supporters to launch, strengthen and promote commitments to build resilient and sustainable island communities. Jessica helps to coordinate opportunities to showcase the visionary island commitments announced through the Partnership as bright spots on the international stage. She also works to support island's achieve their goals through demonstrating collective impact of islands toward global goals and priorities.

Jessica joined the Global Island Partnership coordination team in early 2011 based in New York City after spending three years working in knowledge management with the United Nations Development Programme Pacific Centre based in Fiji. Jessica is originally from the island of Tasmania, Australia, and has a strong drive towards protection of nature in our blue planet. An avid hiker, diver, and foodie, she finds her travels to islands a continuous adventure.

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Görkem Hayta

Communications & Outreach Advisor, Global Island Partnership

Specialised in strategic marketing and creative communications, Görkem is using her core skill set in cross-cultural relations for the experiential promotion of causes that matter.

A hyphen identity (Turkish-German), she followed internationally her passion in politics and fashion, mainly being based in Paris. An avid swimmer preferring the ocean to the pool, her love for islands emerged during her time living in Sydney, Australia. The weekend hikes from Bondi to Coogee – with compulsory swim in Gordon’s Bay thinking she could detect sharks in the Mediterranean-like, crystal clear water – had a huge impact on her choice to leave The City of Light, Paris.

Today, she lives in the well-known island enclave Stuttgart. A green city in the South of Germany that she loves for its vineyard tours, therapeutic baths and the real Sauerkraut-tasting. From there, she supports GLISPA in experiential marketing and communications activities sharing the Partnership's stories of innovation and leadership in building #ISLANDRESILIENCE. She helps us to tell the full story of #ISLANDHEROES from around the world.

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Jenny Hawes

Support, Global Island Partnership

Jenny thrives in a supporting role. She has a diverse professional background in logistics, leadership, marketing implementation, business and administration. Working with GLISPA since 2016 has complimented her drive to contribute to sustainable initiatives. She enjoys working with the coordination team and Partnership, Particularly by learning about island initiatives and the fantastic efforts people bring from all over the world working together on these essential initiatives. Jenny is dedicated to support GLISPA in an administrative and financial role on a part time basis.

An adventurous traveller and nature lover, Jenny has a passion for permaculture, health and sustainable living. She enjoys being active outdoors and in/on water with her husband and two adventurous boys, aged 13 and 15. Jenny currently resides on the slopes of Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada.

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