Promoting action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods by inspiring leadership, catalyzing commitments and facilitating collaboration among all islands

Hawai'i Green Growth Initiative

Hawai'i Green Growth Initiative is a group of Hawai'i leaders working together across government, business, academia and civil society to achieve targets in energy, food and eco(system) security for a sustainable, resilient and prosperous future in the Hawaiian islands.   In support of the Hawai'i 2050 Sustainability Plan ( and New Day Hawai`i (, these leaders are working to achieve ambitious targets for Hawai`i by 2030:

  • 70% clean energy (40% from renewable resources, 30% from conservation)
  • double local food production (to 20-30% of food consumed locally)
  • reverse the trend of natural resource loss mauka to makai  (from the mountains to the sea) – (more water; more reef fish; more healthy forests, streams & coastlines; no new extinctions of Hawaiian species)
  • increase local green jobs and education to implement these targets

Hawai`i is ready to serve as a US example of early action on green growth.


A working group of leaders from private and public entities across Hawai`i are collaborating on three key strategies to develop the state's green economy.

  • Strengthen political support for action on Hawaii's emerging green (and blue) growth initiatives at the state, national and international levels
  • Develop multi-sector partnerships to achieve Hawai`i green growth targets for energy, food and eco-security by 2030
  • Build Hawaii's "global brand" as an early example of green growth, ready to learn and share with others around the world.

Hawai'i can showcase a variety of successful large-scale green (and blue) initiatives and new projects underway at APEC, including a world-class marine conservation area, 11 watershed partnerships statewide to manage over 2.2 million acres with more than 60 public and private landowners and managers; multi-agency biosecurity programs; and innovative funding mechanisms to support these programs. Hawaii's host culture provides guiding principles for collaborative action and self-sufficiency.

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