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Elemental Water Makers

Solving fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind

Elemental Water Makers using solar for desalination

A number of islands are being increasingly impacted by fresh water scarcity and droughts. Common desalination approaches use fossil fuels which are expensive and contribute to climate change and reliance on unsustainable technology.

Desalination driven by renewable energy has the potential to make an important contribution to the water supply on islands leveraging their abundance of natural resources of the sea, sun, earth & wind. In 2015, an installation was commissioned by a hotel in the British Virgin Islands that has resulted in saving over 60% on the costs of water for a private property, compared to the former, traditional reverse osmosis installation. At the same time, there are no more fossil fuels involved during the water production, avoiding the emission of 25 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Currently, a water supply project for a community of 1300 people through a partnership of the Government of Cape Verde and Elemental Water Makers is being executed. The technology can be scaled for the supply of a few thousands gallons per day up to millions of gallons.

What makes this a bright spot?

  • An independent & reliable supply of potable water using renewable resources

  • Considerable savings on the cost of water by avoiding the use of electricity

  • Scalable solution suitable for the water supply of small communities up to entire islands

  • Designed for easy operation and a minimum of maintenance

"After struggling for years with high electric costs, power outages and the unreliable water quality and volumes produced by our home's traditional system, we now enjoy more than 3,300 gallons of fresh water every day, using nothing more than sunshine. And in the process, my children and I are helping to reduce the Virgin Islands' carbon footprint and preserve its precious environment for future generations." Paul Serini, J.D., Director, Diamond Reef Limited, British Virgin Islands

desalination technology using renewable energy

What has helped make this successful? 

  • Strong collaboration between government, end-users and private company

  • Custom design depending on water parameters, renewable energy available & local infrastructure

  • Designed as a long-term solution including remote monitoring 

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