Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Cousin Island Special Reserve

Cousin Island Special Reserve was established as a protected area in 1968, and has been coined "one of the world's great conservation success stories" by BirdLife International. This locally managed area is protected from poaching, and has thus witnessed an increase in key species, such as seabirds and turtles. The reserve hosts ecotourism opportunities for small and large local tour operators, and acts as a training center for young interns from the Maritime Training Centre and the Seychelles Tourism Academy. Revenues generated through the reserve are directed towards various environmental and sustainability programs throughout Seychelles.

What makes it bright?

  • Established by a local organization and managed by community members
  • Self-funded; ecotourism revenues provide support for national environmental programs, as well as for education and awareness-building programs within the reserve
  • Strengthens local economy and generates employment opportunities

Location: Seychelles
Focal Point: Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah (Nature Seychelles)

PHOTO: Carole Bennett